My name is Hopeton St.Clair Hibbert and I’m a self taught contemporary artist. My mediums of art include photography, woodwork, sculpture and painting. My art dwells in the abstract world. Behind the camera I focus on the view less noticed. Photos are often embellished with assemblage or acrylic paints enhancing the already vivid images. Sculpting has become one of my joys as I truly enjoy creating with my hands. This joy has lead to the creation of the ‘Ode to John Henry’ and ‘Veer through the Profound’ series. The current photography collections in production include ‘Inconspicuous Aged Estetics', a colorful image accumulation of aged metals discreetly beautifying our world. Also ‘The London Plane tree study’, a set of images of the London Plane  tree in Brooklyn NY providing a unique range of texture and color.. I believe I separate myself from other artist with my craftsmanship creating abstract art that lures the eye into uncharted territory.

Hopeton’s interview with SHOUT OUT ATLANTA.



Hopeton St.Clair Hibbert