Hopeton St.Clair Hibbert
Photographer, sculptor, mixed media artist
633 Delmar Ave SE
Atlanta, GA 30312
IG @stclair_renaissance


MOCA GA, Atlanta— Art Auction ‘Sights and sounds’ 

2022 October

via Arnika Dawkins Gallery

Gallery Anderson Smith, Atlanta— Gallery representation

2022 October 

Gallery 23 Ten, Atlanta— Gallery representation

2022 August

Okeeba Jubalo Gallery, Charleston SC— Gallery representation

2022 July

Curated by Okeeba Jubalo

Articulate, Atlanta— 10th anniversary exhibition

2022 July 

Curated by Esohe & George Galbreath

Jennifer Balcos Gallery, Atlanta— Exploited Textures ll
2022 February
Curated by Hopeton St.Clair Hibbert
Obsidian Collektive, Atlanta— Transcending BLAK
2021 October
Curated by Hopeton St.Clair Hibbert
Future Gallery, Atlanta— Atlanta Forever
2021 October
Curated by Eugene Byrd III
2021 September
Curated by Sharika Brooks
Hidden Gallery, Atlanta— The human experience
2021 April
Curated by Aaliyah Earle
Kips Bay Decorator show house, Palm Beach—
2021 April
Forbes & Masters
Rush Arts, Philadelphia— Black Abstraction
2021 February
Curated by Dawn Stringer
Atlanta Photography Group, Atlanta — Photo Buckhead
2020 November
Juror Gregory Harris
Jennifer Balcos Gallery, Atlanta — Gallery representation
2020 October
SITE: Brooklyn Gallery, New York — IN THE ABSTRACT
2020 June
Juror Gail Levin
Gallery 992, Atlanta, The London Plane tree solo exhibition
2020 February
Atlanta Photography Group, Atlanta— Director's cut
2019 December
Curated by Judith Pishnery
Atlanta Photography Group, Atlanta—Alan Avery Selects
2019 October
Juror Alan Avery
Westend Performing Arts Center, Atlanta — Exploited Texture I (solo exhibition)
2019 October
Curated by Michi Meko
Future Gallery, Atlanta—Dead Ringers III
2019 August
Curated by Clei Narcisse
Atlanta Photography Group, Atlanta—CHOICE
2019 March
Future Gallery, Atlanta—CAPTURE
2019 February
Curated by Clei Narcisse
Future Gallery, Atlanta—Abstract Mindstate
2018 November
Curated by Clei Narcisse

Johnson & Wales 1996-98
Associates degree in Culinary Arts

-The London Plane Tree Study
(Photography/Mixed media)
-Ode To John Henry (Sculpture)
-Cotton Ghosts (Photography/Mixed media)
-Inconspicuous Aged esthetics (Photography/Mixed media)
-Veer through the profound (Mixed media)
-Laser beam Queens (Photography/mixed media)
-Astro Travelers (Mixed media paintings)